Security Service Program

The Highland Park Business Improvement District Safety Program provides security services for the parcels located within the District and can include the forms of patrolling bicycle personnel, nighttime vehicle personnel and walking patrols. The purpose of the Security Program is to prevent, deter and report illegal activities taking place on the streets, sidewalks, storefronts, parking lots and alleys. Working in conjunction with LAPD and the Sheriff’s Department, the Highland Park BID Safety Patrol officers are tirelessly working to keep Highland Park safe and welcoming for all. 

Maintenance Program

In order to consistently deal with maintenance issues like graffiti, trash and bulky items, the Maintenance Program, which began in 2001 will be continued and expanded. In order to effectively deal with the many maintenance issues, in the District, a multi-dimensional approach has been developed consisting of the following elements: trash collection, sidewalk maintenance, graffiti removal, weed abatement, tree trimming and landscaping, paper sign and handbill removal, special collections, maintenance problems requiring third party intervention, design elements, special projects and right of way consulting.  The clean team will only provide service to properties within District boundaries. The special benefit to property owners from these services is increased commerce through the attraction of pedestrians, commercial leases and retention of commercial leases for parcels within BID boundaries. The above services will only be provided to the individual assessed parcels within the BID boundaries and therefore parcels outside of the boundaries will not receive special benefit.

Right of Way Consulting

In developing strategies for economic viability and development, the Highland Park BID offers workshops for accounting, proper licensing and tax matters. The BID pursues and presents economic, technological, and intellectual resources to the local business community in order to ensure their continued success and sustainability. 

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