North Figueroa Association is the management organization for the Highland Park Business Improvement District and is an advocate for the North Figueroa Property owners by empowering and aiding in the stimulation of growth, development, revitalization and maintaining the historic value of the North Figueroa Corridor. The North Figueroa Assoc. will support an environment in which stakeholders can conduct commerce, live and play.

The goals of the BID are as follows:

  • Provide clean, safe and beautification programs to improve economic prosperity for property owners, businesses and the community.
  • Bring about investment of public and private capital within the Business Improvement District and surrounding area for public benefit and charitable purposes.
  • Provide Educational, Cultural, Artistic, Charitable, Social and Public improvements.
  • Increase economic well being for property owners, employees and businesses.
  • Provide improvements and activities to assist in economic and commercial revitalization.

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The Highland Park Business Improvement District (BID) is located to the west of and running parallel to the historic Arroyo Seco freeway, (110). North Figueroa in Highland Park has special historic designation as one of the final legs of Route 66, which served as the first east-west freeway in the United States.